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Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012


Productions and Projects

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe
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We've listed those shows that from the listings look likely to be about the environment, food, transport, utopian and dystopian futures, animals, a sense of place, walking, politics or global finance, or that deal with social matters and ecological themes.

The surprise this year was the number of dance and physical theatre pieces.

3 - 27 August

theatre | dance and physical theatre | children's shows | spoken word | music | comedy


After The Rainfall
genre: devised, multimedia
group: curious directive / Watford Palace Theatre / Escalator East to Edinburgh
venue: Pleasance Dome

    Navigating the arid Egyptian desert, continental Europe, the British Museum and a quiet village green, the production weaves multidimensional narratives about the aftermath of the Empire, unpicking Britain's relationship to artefacts, mining and the secret life of ants.
Assembly Inverleith Allotments
    A Fringe First 2011 winner, and winner of the CSPA Fringe Award for Sustainable Production, Allotment returns. In this tale of sibling rivalry played out on the earth of a real allotment, sisters Maddy and Dora battle over flying teddies, stubborn weeds and the eternal question - do flowers matter more than vegetables.
Angus Weaver of Grass
multimedia, puppetry
Horse + Bamboo
Scottish Storytelling Centre
    Angus MacPhee’s life is a tale of illness, lost traditions and magical hats of grass. Raised on South Uist, and traumatised by WWII, Angus spent 50 years in a psychiatric hospital. He did not speak; instead he wove remarkable costumes from grass. This work is now in the Collection de l'Art Brut, Switzerland. The show features Gaelic songs and grass replicas.
Birds on a Wire
drama, new writing
Hardin-Simmons University [USA]
    The greatest ecological disaster in American history occurred during the throes of one of the greatest economic disasters - the American Dust Bowl and the Great Depression. Birds on a Wire is about an immigrant Russian-Jewish family living in Texas, displaying resilience to stay and save their family farm from the ravages of dust, drought, grasshoppers and death.
The Day the Sky Turned Black
Best of Sydney Fringe
Assembly Roxy
    Black Saturday 2009: Australia is ravaged by firestorms equalling 1500 atomic bombs. The drama is inspired by interviews with survivors of Australia's Black Saturday bushfires, and is a story of courage, humour amidst adversity and hope.
Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World
The POOP Project with WTE Theatre [USA]
C venues - C nova
    Step aside Al Gore, the environment has a new champion: the PURU. His honest potty humour tackles the global sanitation crisis. His demand to idle sh*tters everywhere: Come out of the water closet and proudly proclaim, 'I'm a pooper!' He's changing the world, one flush at a time.
Fukushima: A Silent Prayer of Poetry
Drama Education Company [Japan]
Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall
    Radiation falls. The night is silent. Composed of Fukushima poet Ryoichi Wago’s continued tweets and poetry on Twitter, started soon after the earthquake on 11th March 2011. Presented as a reading combined with traditional Japanese arts, the Tsugaru Shamisen musical instrument and photos from Fukushima, followed by a talk.
Going Green the Wong Way
CalArts Festival Theater / Kristina Wong [USA]
Venue 13
    GGTWW is American public media/marketplace/radio commentator Kristina Wong’s comedy about her triumphs and pitfalls in sustainable living. She tracks her journey in the green movement from young environmental martyr to the patron saint of carless Los Angeles living. Featuring a set made of reclaimed materials and trash, free breakfast served at morning shows and prize giveaways.
Here's What I Know about Humans By Lulu the Dog
contemporary, devised
Theatro Transcendental [Cyprus] / PBH's Free Fringe
Princes Mall
    Left alone for many hours, Lulu scours through newspapers, searching for fresh information, facts that might lead her closer to understanding human society.
How to Climb Mount Everest
comedy, drama
Autojeu Theatre
theSpace on North Bridge
    One man’s epic rise from the doldrums of his office existence to become a Mount Everest conqueror, his journey spirals from the mundane to the ridiculous along the way.
Hunt and Darton Cafe
installation, performance art
Hunt & Darton / Escalator East to Edinburgh
Hunt & Darton Cafe
    Hunt and Darton open a cafe. From the food served, to the people serving, from the décor to the profit and loss, all is considered and presented as art.
drama, family
Beacon Theatre Group
Paradise in Augustine's
    Barry Hines' tale is adapted by Lawrence Till. Billy Casper has just one chance - a beautiful but untamed young hawk, Kes.
King Lear
adaptation, tragedy
Act One
    A dystopian adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy, it is set in a post-apocalyptic Britain, where society has crumbled and criminal gangs control the ruined cities. King Lear leads a gang of survivors. Disillusioned, he gives up power to his two brutal daughters, leaving him at their mercy.
The Mermaid of Zennor
family, storytelling
Bear Pit
C venues - C too
    The sea gave the folk of Zennor fish and made a wavy road to row from town to town. Hours were reckoned not by clocks but by the ebb and flow of the tide. One day, from the depths of this ocean, came the Mermaid. Devised around the classic Cornish myth, this is a show about love, desire and sacrifice.
A Midsummer Night's Dream
comedy, multimedia
Drunk Tank Productions
Paradise in Augustine's
    Shakespeare’s comedy set in a post-apocalyptic era. In the eerie dystopia of a post-nuclear war the rich and powerful have retreated to safety underground, leaving the rest to become decadent and distorted, creating the divide between humans and fairies. However, despite the bleak background, lost love still prevails as the most pressing problem.
A Modern Town
When I Say Jump
Pleasance Courtyard
    Newton Basset was a glorious seaside resort with a famous funfair, beautiful beach and a bright future. Now the town is lost, forgotten by the public and the community has given up hope, until three mysterious businessmen arrive, offering to invest in the local supermarket. But as the businessmen's stature grows, the townsfolk watch their identities erode.
National Theatre of Scotland presents Love Letters to the Public Transport System
new writing, solo show
National Theatre of Scotland / Molly Taylor / The Stand Comedy Club
The Assembly Rooms
    In this fast-moving world where no one stays around for long, Love Letters to the Public Transport System seeks to find and thank the people who transport us daily; to friends, to lovers, to work, to moments of significance in our lives.
drama, verbatim
Look Left Look Right / Escalator East To Edinburgh
Underbelly, Cowgate
    The Deepwater Horizon explosion has been described as the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. NOLA investigate the true cost of the BP oil spill. Told by those directly affected, from families of the victims to local fishermen and Peak Oil scientists, this compelling documentary play explores the disaster and its consequences.
On the Edge
new writing
Theatre On The Edge
Gryphon Venues at the Point Hotel
    Frank's cliff top home is about to fall into the sea and he's had notice to quit by the council. He refuses to budge as his kids hold an emergency family meeting in his garden shed. When the house goes over the cliff, Frank's children are faced with a new problem, what to do with him. Frank has his own ideas about his destiny and solves the problem in a Prospero-like way.
One Minute Birdwatching
performance art, site-specific
Holly Rumble / Escalator East to Edinburgh
West Princes Street Gardens
    Noisy and irreverent birdwatching for everyone. Start when instructed, whenever you see a bird say either its name (if you know it), or ‘bird’ (if you don’t), one word per bird, stop when instructed. The resulting birdwatching surveys will be recorded as audio tracks and posted online.
Plastic Beach
contemporary, devised
Theatre with Teeth
Zoo Southside
    7,200 yellow rubber ducks fall into the ocean, spreading like confetti. Plastic Beach follows the story of Ebbis, a lonely beachcomber who devotes his life to tracking where these friendly floatees have come to shore. This ensemble piece explores how one person can become so wrapped up in an obsession that he loses touch with the other pieces that make up his life.
The Price of Everything
satire, storytelling
Daniel Bye
Northern Stage at St Stephen’s
    How much is beauty worth? What will people pay for an air guitar on eBay? Can I have a glass of milk? These urgent questions and others are answered. Part performance lecture, part stand-up storytelling, Daniel Bye performs a tour of bizarre facts and impassioned arguments about value.
Quick! Save the Pizza
comedy, devised
Mirror Mirror Theatre Company
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall
    The global financial crisis has reached the boiling point. The banks have no money, the world is ending. Few countries are safe. As the GFC gets worse, countries start disappearing off the map, taking with them everything we love about the country. With much of the world at risk of becoming extinct, who can save us?
Charlie May
Acoustic Music Centre @ St Bride's
    Charlie May retells the satirical Van den Vos Reynaerde (literally: Of Reynard the Fox), the Flemish epic literary masterpiece by 13th-century writer Willem about the sly fox Reynard and the corruption of society.
contemporary, new writing
    Ted and his son escape from broken Britain to create a perfect nation seven miles out at sea. They are joined by another family and together they battle to raise their children and create a new society. Based on a true story, Sealand looks at one man's obsession with utopia.
The Softening of MAO-A
performance art, science
Mechanical Animal Corporation
    What if art influences you genetically? The Softening of MAO-A is a bio-theatre experiment. The MAO-A is a gene scientifically proven to influence impulsive violence in humans and macaques. The Mechanical Animal Corporation presents a sequence of aesthetic stimuli contrived to soften it. Might art play a role in natural selection? In collaboration with Darwin Futures.
contemporary, new writing
Bracket Theatre
theSpace on the Mile
    When the world's overpopulation becomes a serious public concern the government introduces 'Solving' - organised Russian roulette. Tensions and emotions run high in the Solve waiting room as each new member of the public is given one gun, one bullet and a numbered ticket.
Swamp Juice
comedy, puppetry
Bunk Puppets and Scamp Theatre
Underbelly, Bristo Square
    Bickering toads, overbearing fairies and a rather gentle swamp monster. Using shadow puppetry, Canadian performer Jeff Achtem's show is about life in a swamp.

Swordy Well
comedy, horror
University of Manchester Drama Society
theSpace on North Bridge
    Swordy-Well Family Meatworks is one of the last independent British abattoirs and a haven of rural tenderness. Its proprietor Joseph Orty struggles to maintain the balance between mankind and cowkind. But when the workforce receive a hypermarket offer to quadruple their cattle kills, not even the sonnets of John Clare can stop the pat from hitting the fan.
Tea is an Evening Meal
performance art, storytelling
Faye Draper in association with Third Angel and Northern Stage
Northern Stage at St Stephen’s
    In this intimate show, audiences gather around the teatime table in drinking distance of a good brew, and listen to Faye’s table tales. A personal glimpse into other people's meal-time experiences.
Thin Ice
multimedia, physical theatre
Shams / Time Won't Wait / Escalator East to Edinburgh
Pleasance Courtyard
    May 1940. Greenland. Cut off from civilisation and surrounded by ice, Daniel sits frozen to death in a tiny hut. As Richard and Laura arrive too late to rescue him, the body thaws and secrets surface - threatening their marriage, beliefs and ultimately their survival. A wartime thriller and polar love story.
US Beef
comedy, music
Missing String Theatre Company
Pleasance Dome
    Buck Matthews is Meatbox Incorporated's new truck driver. He's standing on the brink, staring into the abyss of the corporate chasm of morally challenged employers, questionable working conditions, animal rights issues and potential environmental destruction. Soon Buck finds himself salivating on the juicy ladder of corporate success, but at what price?
Whale Tale
new writing, puppetry
theSpace @ Surgeons Hall
    Journey through the sea inside the belly of Earth’s largest mammal. Two women find themselves trapped inside a whale. Witness their frustration, panic and reconciliation. Feel the heartbeat of the oceanic gentle giant, and share its own journey.
Wojtek the Bear
contemporary, drama
Theatre Objektiv
Hill Street Theatre
    The story of the Polish soldier bear who fought at Monte Cassino and died in Edinburgh Zoo. The story of a man who mothers a bear and how they go to war together and how they survive in post-war Britain. An emotive journey from the Soviet Gulag and Persia to the Middle East, Italy and Scotland.
The Yarn
comedy, physical theatre
MATE Drama Workshop
theSpace @ Venue45
    Step beyond the golden haystacks into a 1800s rural village fighting for survival and be woven into a ragged patchwork of joyous tales, painful rituals and bizarre superstitions. With the coming of the industrial age the villagers descend into poverty and the tales they tell become increasingly comic and fantastical.

dance and physical theatre

genre: contemporary, physical theatre
group: Mouth to Mouth Republic [Poland]
venue: Summerhall

    The performance is a lottery show where you can win the main prize. The rules are simple: everyone who buys a ticket and takes part in the lottery has a chance to win the Cadillac. Is this a fair game? Cadillac is a performance about the lust for wealth, love, power and other attributes associated with happiness.
City Dance Edinburgh
dance, interactive
City Dance Edinburgh / Audicia Lynne Morley / Taira Restar
Calton Hill
    Based on the work of Anna Halprin, whose choreography often deals closely with the natural world, this is an opportunity to explore, create and perform in a site-specific performance project using the City of Edinburgh as the stage. It is open to everyone.
dance, physical theatre, multimedia
Beijing Young Dramatist Association [China]
Sweet Grassmarket
    e-Station experiments with extreme slowness and quietness. The complex relationship between the human body and electronic products is examined. During the rehearsals, the performers interacted with various public spaces: corridors, lobbies, busy streets, and parks, silently transforming them into new social spaces.
Enter the Woods
music, physical theatre
Flying High Theatre Company
theSpace @ Venue45
    This production focuses on the darker side of stories and real life happenings which are centred deep in the woods. Using myths and legends, Enter the Woods uses contemporary dance, physical theatre and music to communicate the mystery and secrets of a traditionally frightening environment.
High North Movement
performance art, political
Haugen Productions [Norway]
C venues - C eca
    Having lived half her life in the midst of Europe, a dance artist returns to Norway to discover that oil had turned her homeland into a place of great political interest and opportunistic investments. Regional cross-border dilemmas are present all over the world. Featuring a training programme, a Russian sister-in-law and Supertramp.
dance, physical theatre
LAN-T003 [Japan]
Zoo Southside
    'Jishin' means both confidence and earthquake in Japanese. The 2011 earthquake in Japan had a strong impact on LAN-T003's dance, a reminder that nothing stays the same. A split-second of incredible violent natural energy irrevocably changed many lives. Jishin asks what is important when nothing lasts forever?
Machines for Living
drama, physical theatre
Let Slip
    Two architects move into the tower block they have designed - engineered to encourage kinship and social harmony. Can their marriage survive as the building degenerates and the blame falls on them? How will they fare cuddling up to cockroaches and coming up with answers?
MEITHEAL and Worst Case Scenario
max.IMEALLdance Company and Taciturn Dance Company
Dance Base - National Centre for Dance
    Meitheal is influenced by ritual, routine and way of life in an exploration of how our past inspires our present and then informs our sense of community. Taciturn offers a survival guide for dealing with our worst-case scenarios. 'Hope for the best, expect the worst.'
My Plaice / The Lake
dance, physical theatre
The Lincoln Company
C venues - C aquila
    The life-cycle of fish and fowl is explored in a dance double-bill. My Plaice is an interpretation based on emotions, relationships and activities that fish undergo in their lifetime, in a comical way. The Lake evokes the dark world of the corps-de-ballet swans who are left fighting the need to escape the confines of stillness at the peripheries of the stage.
Percurso - Course
dance, physical theatre
Grupo Contemporâneo de Dança Livre [Brazil]
    Course approaches human relations and their cycles in relation to the course of a river, the metaphor for life and the flow of all things. These relations raise questions of the lust for life, desire for immortality, evolution, self-dispersal and communion.
adaptation, circus
Square Peg Contemporary Circus
    A circus show based on Coleridge's epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Square Peg are associate artists at the Roundhouse and Jacksons Lane. Rime is co-commissioned by the National Theatre.
The Shaman's Dream
circus, theatre
Stella Polaris [Norway]
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
    Stella Polaris are celebrating their 25th anniversary as the oldest street performing theatre in Norway. The Shaman’s Dream is inspired by Nordic mythology; a ritual celebrating life, nature and history, with figures on stilts, animal masks, balls of fire and drums.
devised, physical theatre
RHUL Drama Society
theSpace on North Bridge
    Based on the true story of policeman Mark Kennedy, Undercovered explores identity misrepresentation through a montage of gripping physicality and visual media. Merging dynamic movement and non-fiction, this devised piece follows Kennedy’s seven-year journey as an undercover cop working with a group of environmental activists.
Within This Dust
dance, political
Smallpetitklein Dance Company
Dance Base - National Centre for Dance
    Three live dance works interwoven with film and sound explore Richard Drew’s iconic photographs of a man falling from the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks. This evocative work was a sell-out at the 2011 Fringe. The programme includes Falling Man, as featured on the BBC2 Culture Show.

children's shows

Bernard the Ferret (Happy to be Himself)
genre: puppetry
group: Spin Off Theatre Company
venue: various venues

    Bernard the Ferret has been part of the Fringe since 2005. - The show incorporates puppetry, storytelling and a workshop in making a puppet ferret.
The Boy and the Bunnet
music, storytelling
Big Sky / The Famous Spiegeltent
The Famous Spiegeltent
    A musical adventure written in Scots by James Robertson with music by James Ross. When Neil gets lost in the deep, dark forest what can his animal friends do to help him home before the Urisk finds him?
Cloud Man
puppetry, storytelling
Ailie Cohen Puppet Maker
Scottish Storytelling Centre
    Cloudia has always had her head in the clouds. She is a cloud expert and all her life has dreamt of seeing a Cloud Man, an extremely rare creature that lives a quiet life high up in the sky.
The Enormous Turnip
interactive, theatre
Spotlites Theatre Productions
Spotlites @ The Merchants' Hall
    Help Grandad plant the tiny seed. Slide in the snail slime. Heave up the enormous turnip. Interactive theatre for kids. The family’s hungry - what will grow? Will there be enough for tea? Will the turnip ever stop growing?
puppetry, storytelling
theSpace @ Jury's Inn
    Lost, afraid and alone, the last firebird struggles on.Firebird is a story of courage, combining magical puppetry and live music. This tale is different at each performance, as the audience’s choices determine the journey taken.
Giddy Goat
musical theatre, storytelling
C theatre
C venues - C
    It's not easy being scared of heights. Especially when you live on a mountain like Giddy Goat. Can crazy Uncle Hoof help him find courage and get over his vertigoat? Will Giddy learn to play rock rounders with his brothers on Needle Mountain?
The Golden Cowpat
music, storytelling
Tucked In
Pleasance Courtyard
    Join naughty cow Betty and her farmer Hector on their magical adventure. This new fairytale is told through a concoction of storytelling and folk music.
James and the Giant Peach
Eltham College
Sweet Grassmarket
    Roald Dahl's story is adapted by Richard R George. Join orphan James Henry Trotter as he escapes from his cruel aunts and crosses the Atlantic in a giant peach full of cantankerous insects that include a bossy centipede, a kindly ladybird, an ingenious spider and a gloomy earthworm.
The Jungle Book
American High School Theatre Festival
Church Hill Theatre
    Mowgli is brought up to be courageous like the wolves that raised him. When he learns he is actually human, he is torn by his new identity. Does he remain part of the wolf pack or return to the human world?
Luminous Tales
Ripstop Theatre / Escalator East to Edinburgh
Pleasance Courtyard
    There's a little old lady who hates the night so much she wants to get rid of it. She dreams and schemes and tells of times past when there was no light until the crow stole some and of the little girl who wants to play with the moon and on her way meets the boxing hares who live up there. An animated mix of shadow play and storytelling.
The Machine
clown, comedy
Little Cauliflower
Pleasance Courtyard
    The Machine travels around the world planting all the trees, the grass and the flowers. This morning, it broke down. Two bumbling assistants have been left in charge and they need help.
The Man Who Planted Trees
puppetry, storytelling
Puppet State Theatre Company
Scottish Storytelling Centre
    This multi award-winning adaptation of Jean Giono's classic environmental tale by Edinburgh-based Puppet State Theatre Company has been touring internationally for the past four years, with appearances off Broadway and at the Sydney Opera House. A unique blend of comedy, puppetry and inspiring storytelling.
Nessie the Loch Ness Monster
puppetry, theatre
Purves Puppets
Fairmilehead Parish Church Hall
    Hughie McDhui and Mairi Glengarry are caught up in the world of Spike the hedgehog, where animals talk and even form rock-groups. They make friends with Nessie, who talks with a Scottish upper-class accent and is an expert at dodging research submarines.
Night of the Big Wind
devised, puppetry
Little Cauliflower
Underbelly, Cowgate
    A fishing village in Ireland is hit by a terrifying storm. Puppetry and innovative props tell a tale of a young boy's battle against the weather.
Petya and the Wolf
clown, musical theatre
Theatre La Pushkin / Russian Season 2012
Assembly Roxy
    Musical fairytale for children aged 4-99. A dramatic story re-telling by two clowns. A puppet theatre without puppets. A mute opera. A pocket circus.
Pips and Panda Meet the Three Bears
puppetry, theatre
Purves Puppets
Fairmilehead Parish Church Hall
    An ultraviolet performance. Pips and Panda meet the Three Bears. Panda finds himself flying through the air with Goldilocks' kite and dancing with two frogs.
The Rabbit and the Rose
family, theatre
Flyaway Theatre
Sweet Grassmarket
    Luke, a young guitarist, will do anything to understand pain, and rabbit who will do anything to help him. Together they journey through dark places, butlers, average music, shooting stars, fennel, needy statues, heartbreak, hope and an incredible number of knives to one very terrible flower.
The Snail and the Whale
musical theatre, storytelling
Tall Stories
Pleasance Courtyard
    A Julia Donaldson adaptation. A tiny snail longs to see the world, so she hitches a lift on the tail of a humpback whale. Follow the tiny snail’s amazing journey, as seen through the eyes of an adventurous young girl and her seafaring father.
The Ugly Duckling
musical theatre, storytelling
Kipper Tie Theatre with C theatre
C venues - C
    Byrnes and Fowler adapt Hans Christian Andersen's tale of an unhappy duckling who grows into a beautiful swan and discovers that true beauty lies within.
The Velveteen Rabbit
drama, puppetry
Backhand Theatre with C theatre
C venues - C eca
    An adaptation of the story by Margery Williams. One boy's favourite toy was loved so much that he became real.
The Wind in the Willows
children's, family
TwoSquared Productions in Association With Debbie Hicks
Paradise in Augustine's
    Follow the adventures of Rat, Mole, Badger and Toad as they explore the world of the riverbank and beyond. Join them as they do battle with the infamous Wild Wooders, mess about in boats and learn the true value of a door scraper.

spoken word

Occupied with What?
genre: storytelling, true-life
group: Clara Lilly
venue: The Fiddler's Elbow
dates: 8 - 26 August

    Occupied With What? Why are we here? What are we doing? Clara Lilly hitched from Edinburgh to camp with Occupy London. True stories of events and people she met. Appeals, evictions, Syrian embassy protests and snow. In verse. With soundtrack.
Protest Moans and Megaphones
poetry, political
Henry Raby / PBH’s Free Fringe
The Banshee Labyrinth
    Can a poem change the world? Can poetry ever be dangerous? How easily can political literature become propaganda? With millions of people across the world marching, striking and occupying; what are the poems of history that have inflamed action and been inspired by civil disobedience? A brief history of political poetry and theatrical resistance.
Tesco Chainsaw Massacre
comedy, theatre
Stan Skinny / PBH's Free Fringe
The Royal Oak
6 - 23 August
    Humorous British satire on consumerism, politics and wearing leather past the age of 25. With poems, songs, frantic desperation and Zumba dancing. See one man's struggle against the tyrant of Tesco and finding a decent pair of jeans shorts.


Animal Songs: Bestiaries in English, French and German
genre: classical, vocal
group: Stephen Swanson, baritone and David Gompper, piano
venue: St Mark's artSpace
dates: 11 - 14 August

    25 songs by Ravel, Reger, Flanders and Swann, and Gompper tell of two peacocks, mice, chickens, bees, warthogs, and buffalo; an armadillo, cricket, swan, kingfisher, guinea fowl, sloth, wild boar, spider, hedgehog, fly, cat, rooster, stork, charley horse (!), polar bear, camel and vulture; as well as other denizens of the barnyard, jungle and ocean.
1,000 Suns
musical theatre, new writing
VF Theatre
theSpace on North Bridge
6 - 11 August
    This folk-rock musical is set in an alternate future where the American survivors of a nuclear war shelter in a huge crater from the fallout that remains in the world above. A group of young people struggle with their own identities, the harshness of their world and the ignorant authority of their elders.


Activism is Fun
group: Chris Coltrane / PBH’s Free Fringe
venue: Globe

    When the government makes you sad, fight back with love and mischief. Come for the jokes, stay for the revolution.
Andrew Bird's Global Village Fete
Andrew Bird
    Andrew Bird returns to lift the gloom of the modern world with the delightful madness of the village. This time it's global.
Do Not Trust the Animals - Free
Paddy Magee / Laughing Horse Free Festival
Laughing Horse @ Espionage
    Paddy will take apart the most beloved fables of your childhood (including that time my Dad told me eels could chase me home) and then put them back together, in a show that’s half stand-up comedy, half craft get-together and half animals!
Humans v Nature: Engineering FTW
Matt Parker and Timandra Harkness
Assembly George Square
    Gadgets and old school mechanics celebrating the triumph of engineering over pesky nature: darkness, disease, gravity. See how engineering helps humanity defy nature and beat boredom into submission.
Jerry Bucham: Freeland Activist
Rob Gilroy / Laughing Horse Free Festival
Laughing Horse @ Jekyll & Hyde
    Protest singer, Jerry Bucham, wants to do his bit for the planet. The only problem is, he doesn't really keep up with the news. Still, there's no harm in having a stab at it. Armed with his guitar he aims to save the world one song at a time.
Life, the Universe, Whatever ...
Genevieve Cytko, Gareth Mutch, Ray Fordyce
Laughing Horse @ Jekyll & Hyde
    As the world becomes more skewed and regular life becomes more complicated, these three comedians take on the challenge of living life in a normal fashion. Try as they may, things always happen.
Marcus Brigstocke: The Brig Society
Off The Kerb Productions in association with Corduroy Productions
Assembly Hall
    No less than the total restructuring of every aspect of life in Britain organised through the medium of jokes. See this show: Win! a free hospital or school! Second prize: a major High Street bank.
Stephanie Laing and Martin Croser: Greens!
Stephanie Laing / Martin Croser / PBH’s Free Fringe
The Caberet Voltaire
    Stephanie and Martin do comedy at you for as long as is palatable / socially acceptable, about 25 minutes each plus five minutes of banter.



  Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012


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